Economic Development Corporation Mid-Year Budget Overview Highlights Workforce Services

Upper Marlboro, MD - Yesterday, Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President and CEO Jim Coleman and his executive team presented a mid-year budget review to the Prince George's County Council Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee (PZED).  The PZED Committee was specifically interested in how current funding was being utilized for the numerous programs and resources the EDC has at its disposal, and how those resources have made an impact to the residents and businesses in Prince George's County.  Mr. Coleman thanked the Council for its investment in the County's economic development which has contributed to a powerful value proposition in the world market.
"The return on the Council's investment has been enormous," said Coleman.  "The County's private sector has produced almost 10,000 new full-time jobs, the median household income has increased by $5,000, the County has attracted more than 30 new businesses and more than 70,000 County residents have received job training services through the One-Stop Career Centers.  But with all of this going on, now is not the time to cool off. With the tireless efforts of our Workforce Services Division, we are also committed to ensuring that the County's Veteran and returning-citizen populations are empowered with the tools they need to secure high wage jobs in this economy.  The best is yet to come!"
PZED Committee members were particularly interested in the programs and projects taking place in the EDC's Workforce Services Division. Through its focus on access to employment opportunities, Workforce Services Director Walter Simmons told the Committee about the EDC's skills training programs and a grant to support transitioning veterans to remain in Prince George's County through entrepreneurship and job placement.  Furthermore, Coleman announced that March will be 'ReEntry Month' at the EDC with a host of workshops and activities to provide returning citizens with the connections and resources needed to secure gainful employment.
PZED Vice Chair Obie Patterson chaired the briefing and expressed his pleasure with the presentation by the EDC.
"The presentation by the Economic Development Corporation was extremely informative and shows that the County is on the right track," said Patterson. "I think that Prince George's County will be the county to recognize in terms of economic development.  I am happy that we have a good team in place to take us to that next level."
For more information about registering for 'ReEntry Month' or other Workforce Service Division programs, contact Jeffrey Swilley, Assistant Director of Business Services, at 301-618-8400 or