Prince George's County for Annual Brainstorming Session: Prince George’s County Welcomes 34th Annual National Organization for Black County Officials Economic Development Conference

On Thursday, the National Organization for Black County Officials (NOBCO) kicked off their 34th Annual Economic Development Conference at the Greenbelt Marriott in Greenbelt, Maryland. Leaders from as far as California convened in Prince George’s County to launch a 4-day discussion about how policies and initiatives can be collectively implemented to serve and improve each leaders’ respective municipality. On hand to welcome NOBCO to Prince George’s County were County Council member Andrea Harrison and the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President and Chief ‘Excitement’ Officer, Jim Coleman.
“We are honored to have NOBCO in Prince George’s County,” said Coleman. “We’re proud of all of the economic development taking place in this great County and we can’t wait for everyone from around the country to experience what makes us so proud. Not only are we happy to be this year’s host, but we’re also poised to take part in important discussions that affect how all of us live, work, and play. At the EDC, we look forward to being a part of the collective effort to continue pushing the American economy forward.”
The National Organization of Black County Officials is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Founded in 1982, its mission is to provide resources to empower and transform communities. Participants in the NOBCO Economic Development Conference are members of the National Association of Black County Officials which connects African American elected officials from around the United States. Prince George’s County Council member Andrea Harrison is a long-time active member of NOBCO and was pleased that its Economic Development Conference is taking place in Prince George’s County.
“I’m so excited to have my colleagues from around the country here in Prince George’s County,” said Harrison. “This is a great opportunity for us to share and learn from one another as well as individuals from other organizations. We are having many discussions and forums about how we can continue to build our communities and what will make us better elected and appointed leaders when we go back to our communities.”
Th 34th annual NOBCO Economic Development Conference is a chance for members from across America to get together and talk specifically about Economic Development policies and strategies that have worked in various local communities. Honorable Roy Charles Brooks, Chairman of the NOBCO Board, expressed his hope that, while in Prince George’s County, each member will hear something that they can take home and implement in their communities for the benefit of the people they serve.
“We’re looking forward to seeing the vibrant activities that are a part of the sustainable economic recovery in Prince George’s County,” said Brooks. “We are looking forward to our visit to the National Harbor area. There are many things that we’re going to be doing at this conference to learn about the Prince George’s County miracle.”
Learn more about Economic Development opportunities in Prince George’s County by contacting the EDC at (301) 583-4650 or by visiting