It's Morning in Zimbabwe and Prince George's County: EDC and African Union Partnering to 'Change the Things They Cannot Accept'

Largo, MD - Today, top members of the Zimbabwe business community, led by Max Chard, Managing Director of Carp Global, visited the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) for a business discussion to align Prince George's County's newly formed alliance with the African Union to replicate the Prince George's County economic development model in Zimbabwe and the continent of African. EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman welcomed the international delegation whose fact finding mission to Prince George's County was to identify trading partners and potential investors on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for agricultural opportunities.
"Helping our brothers and sisters experience the 'Wakanda Effect' is our goal," said Coleman. "The African continent is so rich with natural and intellectual resources that there is no reason that they should not experience economic hypergrowth. Today was an historic day in the life of Prince George's County. When we combine our efforts with the Republic of Zimbabwe and the African Union, we will see billions of dollars in wealth generated and millions of jobs created across the African Continent. We've been blessed in Prince George's County and we see it as our duty to foster an environment of opportunity in the nations that make up the African Union. Today, we have solidified our commitment to replicating our success across the pond."
Carp Global, a commodities trading company in Zimbabwe who produces and exports high quality cottons to the global market, came to the attention of the Economic Development Corporation by African Union Ambassador Arikana Chihombori. The ultimate goal of the partnership between the African Union and Prince George's County is to assist Prince George's County in facilitating international business opportunities for Prince George's County companies with the continent of Africa.
Carp Global shared a message from Minister Webster Kotiwani Shamu, Minister of Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs, Zimbabwe, that it is a new day in Zimbabwe, with a plethora of raw materials such as platinum, chrome, and gold ready for exporting. Minister Shamu, via conference call, told the EDC that Zimbabwe is open for business and excited about the possibilities of building manufacturing facilities, more tourism destinations and partnering with its African American neighbors in Prince George's County to build an economic development infrastructure that create jobs, and share ideas and innovations.
"Today is a great day for the Republic of Zimbabwe and Prince George's County," said Chihombori. "We are coming together with our strategic partners in Prince George's County to strike while the iron is hot. Zimbabwe is primed to attract global business partners, and the African Union appreciates the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation for being the bridge to this on-gong partnership."
The meeting concluded with an invitation from Minister Shamu, African Union Ambassador Chihombori and Carp Global for the Economic Development Corporation to visit Zimbabwe to explore business opportunities.
To learn more about exporting opportunities that can lead to economic growth and prosperity on the continent of Africa and other countries around the global, contact Martin Ezemma, EDC Director of International Business at ( or 301-583-4650.