EDC Partners With City Of Greenbelt To Take Its Biz Community To The Moon

Greenbelt, MD - Last night, Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President and CEO Jim Coleman, along with his business development team sat down with City of Greenbelt Mayor Emmett Jordan and members of the City Council for an open discussion about the re-visioning of Greenbelt. This brainstorming strategy session also included more than 25 Greenbelt residents and business owners who are keenly interested in how they can work with the County to empower their beautiful community into a thriving business center. 

"We are always happy to exchange powerful ideas on how to make every community in Prince George's County a thriving powerhouse of economic development," said Coleman.  "The EDC has the resources to attract more businesses to Greenbelt and to provide a great workforce, and the City of Greenbelt has a storied history that has helped change this country. We're your partners in taking Greenbelt to the next level, maintaining its integrity while, at the same time, thrusting its economy into the 21st century."

Greenbelt was founded as one of three 'green' towns in the New Deal Era, and is known widely as a public cooperative community. It has a history of creating a high quality of life for its residents, many of whom have remained in Greenbelt for their entire lives.  Currently, the City is looking to use its current resources to partner with County resources to help shape its future.  Greenbelt Mayor Jordan is at the forefront of bringing this historic city into the future.

"I want to thank the EDC for coming out to have this frank conversation with us," said Jordan.  "I look forward to continuing the conversation and working together to enhance the economic footprint of Greenbelt and move it forward toward the greatness we already see."

Also in attendance at the meeting were EDC Executive Vice President Pradeep Ganguly, EDC Business Development Director John Mason, EDC Business Development Director Mayank Kapur and Marc 'Kap' Kapastin, General Counsel for Quantum Companies, the owners of Beltway Plaza Mall.

For more information on business development assistance or expansion, contact the EDC Executive Vice President Pradeep Ganguly (pganguly@co.pg.md.us) at 301-583-4602.