County Taps Into County's Cultural Capital To Enhance Biz Community

LARGO, MD - On Tuesday, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) brought together 20 key business leaders from the County's Latin small business community for a frank conversation about getting connected to resources at the first Latin Small Business Roundtable. During this exclusive meeting, EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman, along with the EDC's Latin Small Business Liaison Rocio Treminio-Lopez talked to Latin business owners from a variety of industry sectors about how partnering with the EDC can help their businesses grow.
"Prince George's County is truly an international portal to the United States.  Its Latin small business community produces millions of dollars in revenue for the County every year," said Coleman. "We are delighted to utilize this Roundtable as the vehicle to partner with the Latin community and connect its businesses to customers, contracts and capital. It is our responsibility as the economic engine of the County to actively engage and support everyone who creates jobs and contributes to our economic success."
The Latin Small Business Roundtable is the brainchild of Ms. Treminio-Lopez, who is also the first Latina mayor of Brentwood. Attendees at this historic meeting also included Council Member Deni Taveras, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Angela Franco, and Salvadorian American Chamber of Commerce President Carlos Romero. Each of them were impressed with the Roundtable and appreciated seeing the EDC collaborating with the Latin business community to help them navigate the local business agencies, network to bring in new business and connect to the talent pool of County residents that makes their companies thrive.  For many of the business owners in attendance, it was their first time coming to this type of a County forum.
"Connecting the community with the County's resources is one of my primary goals," said Treminio-Lopez.  "Through my work in the community, I am well aware of the services that businesses are in need of, regardless of ethnicity.  I see my role as being the connector; I enjoy connecting local companies to the resources they need to be successful. Because when they are successful, Prince George's County is successful." 
According to the U.S. Census, 17.2% the population in Prince George's County are of Latin descent. The EDC realizes the significance of the contributions of the Latino business community and has instituted a policy of making its value proposition available in both English and Spanish to reach a larger audience. Attendees of the Roundtable were appreciative to learn that the EDC not only an economic engine but is also culturally aware.  
"I appreciate the leadership and partnership the Latino community has with Jim Coleman and the EDC Team.  They really understand the importance of the Latino business community in the greater Prince George's County economic development spectrum," said Taveras.  "Producing a presentation in Spanish signifies their cultural appropriateness and breeds trust that will benefit local businesses for years to come. This was a great event."
For more information on business development assistance or expansion, contact the Rocio Treminio-Lopez ( or Pradeep Ganguly ( at 301-583-4650 or visit the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation website at