EDC Forum proves getting rich slow is the way to go

Largo, MD, Nov. 8, 2017 - On Monday, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) concluded its 2017 collaboration series with MassMutual of Greater Washington by hosting the "Let's Increase Your Bottom Line with Tax Savings up to $500,000" forum. This forum gave County entrepreneurs and business owners an opportunity to hear from experts how they can purposefully and methodically increase their personal wealth and savings. EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman was happy to connect the business community with the wealth building experts from MassMutual.
"Facilitating opportunities for our residents to grow financially is what we're all about," said Coleman. "MassMutual of Greater Washington has been the perfect partner to provide real and applicable information to our business community. They've helped us all learn how to better position ourselves for wealth growth both personally and professionally. We, at the EDC, are proud that we are able to help bring vital financial literacy to the business community and look forward to a continued partnership with MassMutual."
The EDC has hosted multiple events with MassMutual of Greater Washington throughout 2017, covering a variety of topics. In January, they hosted 'Maximizing Profitability', 'Benefits 101' took place in May, and how to 'Grow YOUR Business' was featured in September. This partnership was established to connect Prince George's County residents who are business owners, entrepreneurs or just seeking to further their financial literacy to experts with the financial instruments to build wealth.
"We are here to share with the Prince George's County community some avenues that business owners may or may not have considered," said Brian Dorsey, Financial Planner at MassMutual of Greater Washington and EDC portfolio manager. "These avenues can make a huge impact for them financially, especially when it comes to their own retirement savings and savings on taxes. The final session of 2017 went very well and we look forward to meeting with people one on one to further discuss some of the options that we've introduced to them."
To learn more about how to grow your business in Prince George's County, contact the EDC at www.pgcedc.com or (301) 583-4650.