Federal Government Jobs for Vets: EDC Hosts Federal Government Job Workshop to help Transitioning Service Members

Largo, MD, Nov. 17, 2017  - Yesterday, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation's Workforce Services Division hosted a Federal Jobs Workshop at the Prince George's One-Stop Career Center. Facilitated by Garry Gaston, a certified Federal Career Coach and Outreach & Recruitment Program Coordinator, the workshop provided vital information for veterans and their families as to how to search for and land a job with the federal government. Vernice Gonzalez, the One Stop Career Center Manager, was pleased to be able to provide yet another great service to those who have served the country.  
"This workshop was held to target transitioning service members", said Gonzalez. "Many of these service members have special clearances that can be transferred to roles within the federal government. We catered this workshop to bring awareness to the options that are available to retired service members and how to go about applying for jobs in the federal government."
Mr. Gaston shared what types of jobs are available with the federal government and how transitioning service members can attain those jobs. Several of the programs highlighted incentivize and ensure that Veterans are among top candidates. Participation in one or more of the programs helps connect a Veteran to a job that matches his or her knowledge, skills and abilities.
Mr. Gaston went on to share how potential candidates can search for, learn about, and cater their resumes for individual jobs. Many of the career opportunities on usajobs.gov give preference to Veterans and transitioning service members. Workshop participants left with a breadth of knowledge to embark on the journey of starting a sustainable federal government career.
The EDC has hosted multiple events geared towards providing Veterans and their families with the necessary resources needed to take full advantage of job opportunities. Yesterday's workshop was a continuation of an ongoing effort to ensure that those who have sacrificed for this country are gainfully employed.
To learn more about job placement assistance in Prince George's County, contact the EDC at www.pgcedc.com or (301) 618-8445.