Local Leaders Set To Bring Back The Boom In Bladensburg Economy

Bladensburg, MD, October 5, 2016 – Yesterday, the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) participated in the Bladensburg Town Hall meeting to discuss ways in which the County and State could work together to bring an economic boom to the municipality. EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman, engaged in an interactive discussion with Maryland’s Secretary of Commerce Mike Gill, Bladensburg Mayor Walter James and Bladensburg City Council Members and State Delegates about the role the Economic Development Corporation can play in connecting Bladensburg to economic opportunities.

“Bladensburg has all of the potential that is needed to be a successful municipality,” said Coleman.  “With its first railroad founded in 1845 as well as having started out as a seaport town, the potential here is endless. We have the tools at the EDC to restore Bladensburg back to its glory days and we are going to make that happen. Let’s bring back the boom in Bladensburg’s economy.”

Coleman spoke of millions of dollars in valuable resources to grow their local businesses, attract new development to the town and prepare its residents for high wage jobs.

The EDC has made the success of Bladensburg a priority throughout the year hosting its Thirsty (For Business) Thursday event as well as participating in business outreach events. Today, this effort was strengthened by Secretary of Commerce Mike Gill’s support of Bladensburg.

“Economic development is a team sport,” said Gill. “I really do believe that success starts with strong economic development policy and culture. Everyone sitting here today is a part of that culture and are a part of the team that is going to make Maryland, Prince George’s County and Bladensburg a great success!”

Bladensburg Mayor Walter James hosted the Town Hall meeting and voiced his excitement to continue to build a thriving business community.

“We are happy to have Mr. Coleman and Secretary Gill in Bladensburg today,” said James. “Today we talk about economic development and sustainability and our city looks forward to the support of the EDC and the Department of Commerce in continuing to grow our economy.”

For more information on how the Economic Development Corporation can help your business grow, contact us at 301-583-4650.