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EDC Entices Top Talent From George Washington University


EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman (center) and EDC Team with International Affairs Graduate Students from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs Largo, MD, August 25, 2016 – This morning, the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) hosted a delegation of ten graduate students and alumni from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs who are looking to learn about the international activities and employment opportunities that Prince George’s County has to offer. EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman, along with his international business development and human resources teams engaged in an interactive discussion with the student delegation about the County’s focus on expanding internationally as well as the role the Economic Development Corporation plays in connecting top talent with well-paying careers in high growth companies in Prince George’s County and abroad.

“The EDC is doing a lot of outreach to the major universities in the region looking for fresh talent for our job creators. These international graduate students from George Washington University are another step the County is taking to build bridges to the future,” said Coleman. “And the best way to build bridges is to have architects that can help you to build that bridge. Today, we identified ten future architects of international business development that can help County Executive Baker build that bridge to the future and all over the world. Their eagerness and desire can help us to create more employment opportunities for our residents and job creators in Prince George’s County. We look forward to welcoming them to Prince George’s County and the EDC to help us activate prosperity all over the world.”

As part of the EDC’s efforts to bridge the gap between college students and the jobs of the future in Prince George’s County, it reached out to The Elliott School of International Affairs to participate in their 2016 Employer Site Visits program. Members of the delegation were extremely interested to learn that the County has deliberately targeted Mexico, China, Canada, Korea, South Africa and Nigeria as part of its international strategy primarily because they are the fastest growing economies in the world. The students were also interested to hear that County Executive Baker is planning a Business Exploration Mission Trip to Cuba this Fall, to open relationships with Cuban businesses and officials to discuss business and investment interests in the future.

“I am very excited to be here today to hear all about the international business development going on with the Economic Development Corporation,” said Ryan Li, Delegation leader and second year student at the Elliott School of International Affairs, studying International Trade and Policy. “Working with the EDC would be an ideal career for me. As an international student (from Beijing, China), it was good to learn that using my background from my own country can make me a more valuable employee in the United States and could help my home country in the process.”

EDC Human Resources Director Roxanne Rush and Senior Human Resources Generalist Tiffany Johnson spearheaded today’s visit as part of the EDC’s effort to bring the best talent to the agency and to the County. For 18 years, the Elliott School’s Graduate Student Career Development Office has coordinated annual employer site visits to introduce incoming graduate students to some of the most influential and reputable organizations and professionals in the field of International Affairs. The students were also impressed with the EDC’s focus on connecting local businesses to clients and partners around the world.

“Today’s event gave me a new perspective on employment opportunities right at my back door,” said Joan Lindo, GW Elliott School Alumni. “I liked how the EDC outlined its focus on creating jobs, but I was especially impressed at how they look beyond jobs to the market and trade. That really resonated with me. They talked to us about the linkage between local employers connecting abroad and doing foreign direct investment here. That is a benefit to everyone.”

For more information on employment opportunities with the Economic Development Corporation, contact Roxanne Rush (rrush@co.pg.md.us) or 301-583-4650. For more information on the EDC’s International Business program, contact Martin Ezemma (muezemma@co.pg.md.us) or 301-883-4642.