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EDC Partners With Galilee Community Development Corporation For A Small Business And Job Seekers Summit

EDC President and Chief  'Excitement' Officer Jim Coleman with Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs at Galilee Baptist ChurchSuitland, MD, May 16, 2016 - Last Saturday, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) joined the Galilee Community Development Corporation (CDC) to "Activate Prosperity" for the businesses and residents around Suitland, Maryland at its 'Small Business and Job Seekers Summit'. More than 120 job seekers, local business owners and entrepreneurs showed up to learn how to connect with the more than 122,000 job opportunities in the Maryland Workforce Exchange database and to take advantage of the business development resources available through the EDC and its partners at the State and local levels.

"The EDC is committed to making a difference in the lives of County businesses and residents, and the Galilee Community Development Corporation is a great partner," said Jim Coleman, EDC President and CEO. "The programs and resources the EDC has at its disposal are transformative. Every day we look for the next, best way to get this information into the hands of the job seekers and business owners in Prince George's County who are trying to make a difference for their families and their communities. The secret is out: Prince George's County is home to some of the top industry sectors in the country with more on the way. This means jobs, jobs and more jobs for our talented workforce. MY Job, is to ensure that they are ready for the challenge."

The Galilee Community Development Corporation (GCDC) works to foster local economic development and improve the overall quality of life for the community.   The GCDC achieves this by providing affordable housing, education, entrepreneurship and business development, as well as community and economic revitalization, for the economically and socially disadvantaged families in the area.

"We are excited here at Galilee about the EDC Summit taking place today. This is all a part of our Pastor's vision," said Dennis Monroe, Vice Chair of the Deacon Board at Galilee Baptist Church. "Because of Pastor McGriff, we are working to reach and revitalize our community through our GCDC under the direction of Ms. Louise Miles and Ms. Adeline Tatum.   We hope that today will be the first of many interactions with the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation."

Key executives from the EDC Team shared specific information on the financing programs, training programs and the small business development services available to help entrepreneurs and small business owners obtain supernatural abundance.

EDC Chief of Staff Britta Vander Linden led one of the small business seminar topics on how to become a celebrity and leverage the power of free media to grow your business.

"Each of our small businesses has the power to become celebrities! Gaining exposure in the media can add tremendous value to a small business by increasing their name recognition, establishing their credibility and building their brand to potential customers." said Vander Linden. "One of the services we provide at the EDC is teaching our small business owners how to secure media exposure at no cost and then how to leverage that exposure to achieve revenue growth for their companies."

EDC Team members also discussed how to write a resume, what job seekers should and should not do when going after a job, and how to successfully re-enter the workforce as an ex-offender. 

"Our goal is to attract and retain high-demand, well-paying companies to Prince George's County," said Walter Simmons, EDC Interim Director of Workforce Development Services. "To be successful in this endeavor, we need to reach as many people as possible to ensure they have the training, the capacity and the skills that are ready to occupy these positions. Our partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and the State of Maryland allow us to provide training and workforce assistance at no cost to County residents to put them on the path to career success.

The EDC launched its 'Activate Prosperity' initiative at the being of 2016. This dynamic initiative is a year-long campaign to raise awareness about the EDC's portfolio of services and programs to promote economic empowerment in Prince George's County. Saturday's Summit demonstrated the critical need for this kind of initiative in the County and provided tangible solutions for job seekers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to achieve supernatural abundance.

"Today's Job Seeker workshop was very informative. I was able to get more information about my resume, how to do interviews and the resources available in the One Stop Career Center," said Marcus C. Archibald, Sr. "If you're sitting home doing nothing, it's best to give the One Stop Shop a call. They can set you up with an appointment to show you how to get a job, even for retired veterans like me. I have already given them my resume and I will be there on Monday."

More than 50 local small business owners jammed into the Small Business workshop to hear how they could increase their revenue, workforce and branding by partnering with the EDC.

"My company has recently relocated from New Jersey to the Prince George's County area and we are glad that we attended today's workshop," said Trina Byrd, owner of T-Bird Training and Consulting. "We have been in business for more than 20 years, but the information we received today, particularly about getting in the media for free, was something I had never heard before. What really impressed me were the presenters. They were very excited and we got the personal feeling that they truly want to help you."

Business owners seeking to learn more on how to get free media can tune in to a free webinar led by Britta Vander Linden this Wednesday, May 18th from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. Go to www.pgcedc.com/events to register.

For more information on how to gain access to capital, get assistance in writing a business plan and other business support services, contact Kisha Logan, Small Business Services Manager at 301-583-4650 or kvlogan@co.pg.md.us.

For more information on how to identify job opportunities, register for job training and certification or career development workshops, contact Walter Simmons, Interim Director of Workforce Development Services at 301-618-8400 or wsimmons@co.pg.md.us.