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Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation And Spirit Of Faith Christian Center Move Mountains For 170 County Job Seekers And Business Owners

(l.to r.: PGCEDC President and CEO Jim Coleman and PGCEDC Business Development Director John Mason)Temple Hills, MD, April 23, 2016 - Close to 100 job seekers and 70 local business owners and entrepreneurs came together at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Temple Hills this morning for its "Moving Mountains - Small Business and Job Seekers Summit - Part II" coordinated by the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman brought his team back to the Spirit of Faith by popular demand to encourage and connect job seekers to more than 122,000 job opportunities in the Maryland Workforce Exchange database and provided business owners with key specific resources for business development, access to capital and access to a skilled workforce. 

"This is my ministry. We put information directly into the hands of job seekers and business owners in Prince George's County to achieve supernatural abundance," said Coleman. "The private sector is on fire in the County and poised for even more greatness by creating jobs, jobs and more jobs.  I'm not fighting to give everyone a dollar more an hour.  That means you're still in poverty. When you're making good money, everyone in the house has braces; everyone has their choice of healthcare.  That's what I call supernatural abundance."
The Economic Development Corporation launched its 'Activate Prosperity' initiative at the beginning of 2016, which is a year-long campaign to raise awareness about the EDC's portfolio of services and programs to promote economic empowerment in Prince George's County. More than 150 people attended the first 'Moving Mountains' Summit, which was hosted by the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in February.  After that event, many requests were made for the EDC to provide the same information at the Spirit of Faith Temple Hills location through its I.C.E. Business Network Ministry. 
"We are delighted to be able to present the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation to our I.C.E Business Ministry today," said Anthony Adams, Director I.C.E. Business Network Ministry.  "They are fantastic partners of the Spirit of Faith family.  They have the resources and are eager and ready to give you the 'Holy Hook Up' to take your business to the next level."
The EDC Workforce Development Team walked attendees through the 'do's and don'ts' of securing the jobs they apply for with real life advice on how to get and keep a job. The participants were also provided information about transformative programs like the EDC's 'Job Club', which assists ex-offenders with removing the 'move the mountains' of shame and rejection to re-enter the workforce.

"I've been to other job seminars in the past, but none of them had the same amount of resources that the EDC has," said jobseeker Mary Jenkins.  "The EDC gave us very practical and useful information in an easy to understand way.  I will definitely be following up with them at their One-Stop Career Center on Monday."
Business owners were also provided with specific information and advice on a wide-range of business services, including how to write a business plan.  The EDC Team also shared with the small business owners the types of federal, State and local incentives that small, women and minority owned businesses can and should take advantage of to position their companies to grow and generate legacy wealth.
"The EDC has come and educated us on how to get involved and connected with what is going on in Prince George's County," said Laurie Sayles Artis, President and CEO of Civility Management Solutions in Largo, MD.  "This has been really exciting.  I have been in business for four years, am a VA verified service disabled veteran with the Department of Veteran's Affairs and have just obtained my 8A certification with the Small Business Administration.  I encourage everyone to connect with the EDC and get involved with all of the things they have to offer to help you with the business certifications and financing they have access to."
For more information on how to gain access to capital, get assistance in writing a business plan and other business support services, contact Kisha Logan at 301- 583-4650 or kvlogan@co.pg.md.us.
 For more information on how to identify job opportunities, register for job training and certification or career development workshops, contact Walter Simmons at 301- 618-8433 or wsimmons@co.pg.md.us.