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EDC President Jim Coleman "Sells" Prince George's County At Women Build America National Industry Conference In Washington, D.C.

(l. r.; Caryn Boisen, President, WCOE: Hedy Leuterio Thomas, President & CEO, Leuterio Thomas, LLC; Renee Sacks, President & CEO, Sacks Communications; Jim Coleman, President & CEO, Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation)Washington, D.C., April 7, 2016 - On Tuesday, EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman joined an auspicious panel of speakers from around the country to speak on the final day of the Women Construction Owners & Executives (WCOE) "Women Build America" National Industry Roundtable and Conference at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.  "Women Build America" is a three-day national conference on construction opportunities hosted by the WCOE that brings together national leaders and experts for an innovative and engaging conversation on new opportunities for women in the construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy and technology industries.  Mr. Coleman participated in a panel discussion entitled "Building a Personal Business Plan for Growth" and talked about the importance of being prepared, having first class presentation materials, and getting to your point quickly.  He also used this opportunity to share the value proposition of why doing business in Prince George's County could benefit their businesses, regardless of where they are currently located.

"I'm looking for all of you to do business in Prince George's County. Our development community is booming, our local incentives are attractive and my Economic Development Corporation can provide a roadmap for MWBE's, veterans, and a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs. But you've got to be able to cut to the chase, look sharp, and present marketing materials that show me know you're competitive and serious about doing business in Prince George's County," said Coleman.  "Any CEO, regardless of gender, should to be a thought leader and have an attitude of winning.  After all, you are the evangelist for your company.  If you don't tell your story, who will?

Mr. Coleman was joined on the panel by Renee Sacks, the President and CEO of Sacks Communications in New York City, who encouraged the attendees to anticipate change, trust with caution, be authentic and be you.  Conference attendees were delighted with the information that was presented at the conference and expressed a strong desire to make definitive changes in their current business plans.

"I truly enjoyed the presentation from Mr. Coleman with Prince George's County," said Janet Winkelman, President of Wink Fasteners, Inc. in Charles City, Virginia.  "We have been looking to make some changes with our business model and I am definitely considering expanding my company into Prince George's County.  They really have it going on over there."