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Coleman: 85 Percent Of Closing The Deal Is Excitement

(L. to R.: Faye Njaka, Senior Business Development Specialist at the Maryland Department of Commerce; David Lewis, Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation, EDC Business Development Director; Ebony Stocks, EDC Economic Development Incentive Fund Director; John Mason, EDC Business Development Director; Jim Coleman, EDC President and CEO; Britta Vander Linden, EDC Chief of Staff; Larry Hentz, EDC Business Development Director; Steve Pennington, Managing Director of Business and Industry Sector Development for the Maryland Department of Commerce)Largo, MD, February 9, 2016 - Today, top executives at the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) met with the chief economic development experts from Maryland's Department of Commerce to conduct a high-level strategy session to collaborate on how to attract high-wage jobs to Prince George's County. The group determined that financial incentives are less impactful in attracting and retaining businesses than selling the county's assets such as an educated workforce, prime location and Class A office space at a 40% discount. All three advantages are at the top of the list for any corporation looking to increase revenue and must be properly communicated to decision makers in the county's existing and targeted companies.

"85% of what closes the deal is excitement," says Jim Coleman, President and CEO of the EDC, also known as the EDC's Chief Excitement Officer. "If we could just help our organization sell the facts, we could close a lot of deals and make a lot of people multi-millionaires."

Coleman's team of Business Development Directors and executives met with a high-level team from the Maryland Department of Commerce led by Steve Pennington, Managing Director of Business and Industry Sector Development.

"Economic development is a team sport," said Pennington. "We want to collaborate to tell the Maryland story and the Prince George's County story to help companies find the place that fits their needs."
To learn how to grow your revenue, activate your prosperity and become supernaturally wealthy, contact John Mason, EDC Business Development Director at (301) 583-4646 or jamason@co.pg.md.us.