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Greater Prince George's Business Roundtable. PGCEDC & Andrews Business and Community Alliance Collaborate to Preserve Saftey Zone of Joint Base Andrews

Yesterday, the Greater Prince George's Business Roundtable, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation, and the Andrews Business and Community Alliance spearheaded an effort that would preserve the safety of the community surrounding Joint Base Andrews by collaborating with Congressman Chris Van Hollen on ways to secure $25 million in federal funds to help relocate property owners located adjacent to the base that have the greatest potential for an accident due to base operations. The effort came in response to last week's passage of a new zoning bill by the County Council, establishing a Military Installation Overlay (MIO) Zone which will regulate the development and use of the property surrounding Joint Base Andrews and could require many businesses and residents to relocate.
"Joint Base Andrews has been a part of Prince George's County for more than 60 years and has taken great pride in being a good partner to its surrounding business community," said Jim Estepp, President and CEO of the Greater Prince George's Business Roundtable. "We want to ensure that the safety and welfare of the residents and businesses around the base are not adversely affected by their proximity to Joint Base Andrews operations. The Roundtable is united with the County Council and other business leaders in its support for the Military Installation Overlay Zone legislation and the need for federal reparations to provide for the impacted community."
Congressman Van Hollen expressed his support at the November meeting of the Greater Prince George's Business Round Table held Wednesday at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.
"I look forward to working with you to make sure we achieve the goal of making sure we address the safety issues of Andrews. And I look forward to try to secure federal funds for that purpose," said Congressman Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. "Where there is a will and determination, I think we can do this, and certainly when it comes to Andrews given the fact that it is a priority national military base that has unique function and capability. I look forward to working with you to achieve that goal."
It is estimated to cost $25 million to make whole the business owners and residents included in the MIO Zone - an amount that Congressman Van Hollen is determined to secure for the safety of Prince George's County residents and business owners.
"The safety of all of our residents and businesses is paramount to their ultimate success in Prince George's County," said EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman. "The Economic Development Corporation is pleased to work with such distinguished partners as the Greater Prince George's Business Roundtable and the Andrews Business and Community Alliance to come up with innovative ways to preserve the viability one of our County's greatest assets - Joint Base Andrews. Working with Congressman Van Hollen, we will work tirelessly to ensure that they will be adequately compensated should their businesses be negatively impacted by the Military Installation Overlay Zones."
Last week, County Council passed CB-42-2015 - The Military Installation Overlay Zone. This legislation is a proactive solution to address the potential of casualties outside of Joint Base Andrews. The Military Installation Overlay Zone establishes standards of use, design and construction for developments in the vicinity of Joint Base Andrews that could be impacted by air operations at the base. The law creates a 'Clear Zone' right off the runway, to significantly reduce the potential for air accident casualties, reduce the high levels of from flight operations and protect base-area residents, workers and businesses.
"It's a pleasure to be able to partner with Chairman Franklin and Vice-Chairman Davis and business leaders, because it's the right thing to do to ensure that everything remains safe on Joint Base Andrews," said Colonel Bradley Hoagland, Commander, 11th Wing, The Chief's Own, Joint Base Andrews. "And to mitigate risk, to continue to expand and grow Joint Base Andrews, but also make sure it's safe for the surrounding area."