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Prince George's EDC Takes Small Businesses to the Moon!

LARGO, MD - Today, the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) hosted its first-ever NASA IT Procurement Opportunity Day to open the door to more than $4 billion in procurement opportunities for County businesses.  More than 125 County companies gathered at EDC headquarters to capitalize on the great relationship the EDC is forging with NASA, looking for the opportunity to connect directly with representatives who can guide them toward procurements that can transform their companies.  NASA Assistant Chief of Procurement Operations E. Anne Haase, and County Supplier Development and Diversity Division Executive Director Sharon Jackson spoke to a capacity crowd of IT business owners from Prince George's County, Northern Virginia and the surrounding region about the steps required to get their businesses in line to obtain lucrative contracts with NASA and Prince George's County.

"As the EDC has moved about the County meeting with a variety of business owners, we have seen significant growth in the County's IT sector," said EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman.  "Today's event is just the beginning of our continued outreach to assist County's small, local and minority businesses in participating in the more than $4 billion in procurement contracts that NASA and other federal agencies award every year.  This is exactly what small businesses have been waiting for to take their businesses to the next level."

The Economic Development Corporation has seen growth in the IT sector in Prince George's County and has been reaching out to IT companies in D.C. and Northern Virginia as part of a strategic effort.

"The Economic Development Corporation is here to take small businesses to the moon! That's why today we have connected them directly with the top contract officials at NASA," said Mayank Kapur, Economic Development Director, specializing in information, communications and electronics.  "IT companies from all over the region have heard that opportunity is out of this world in Prince George's County and they are flocking from D.C., Northern Virginia and all over the region to rocket their revenues."

Pictured l. to r.: Pradeep Ganguly, Exec. VP EDC; Jim Coleman, Pres. & CEO, EDC; Sharon M. Jackson, Acting Exec. Dir. SDDD: Anne Hasse, Asst. Chief Procurement Operations, NASA; Anoop Mehta, Pres. SSAI, Mayank Kapur, Econ Dev Dir specializing in Infomation, Communications and Electronic, EDCAccording to NASA, the majority of NASA Goddard's budget enters the economy through funds obligated on contracts with commercial firms, educational and non-profit institutions, and other government agencies. NASA Goddard significantly impacts the local, state, and national economies through employment, contracting opportunities, technology development, community outreach, and public education by contributing more than $4 billion in local spending and output to the Maryland economy.

"We are delighted to be a part of the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation's first NASA IT Procurement Day," said E. Anne Hasse. Assistant Chief of Procurement Operations, NASA.  "NASA has a distinguished reputation for seeking out new talent and bringing it to the forefront in the information technology sector. Today's event has both enlightened us to the talent and technologies available from the small and minority businesses in Prince George's County, and has hopefully given these local companies a blueprint to follow to get a portion of the millions of dollars in procurement contracts that NASA awards every year.  We look forward to continuing this partnership with the Economic Development Corporation for many years."

Anoop Mehta, the President of Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI), a leading provider of scientific, engineering and IT support in Lanham, Maryland for the last 37 years spoken to the attendees about how his company has grown from a 2 person business to a 700 person organization though strategic procurements with federal agencies like NASA.  Mr. Mehta's company has always called Prince George's County 'home'.

"Prince George's County is a wonderful place to start a business," said Anoop Mehta, SSAI President.  "We have personally found that NASA really promotes small businesses.  Our first contract was a small purchase order for $3,000.  Today, our company wins $200 million to $300 million contract awards.  This is the place you want to be if you want to be successful."

For more information about the business development, expansion or procurement opportunities contact Mayank Kapur, Economic Development Director at 301-583-4632, mkapur@co.pg.md.us or visit www.pgcedc.com.

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