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The EDC Welcomes CoreLogix Consulting, Inc. To The Technology Assistance Center (TAC) Incubator

The Economic Development Corporation is delighted to welcome CoreLogix Consulting, Inc. to its Technology Assistance Center (TAC) Incubator today.  CoreLogix Consulting is a global IT consulting services company headed by its President Inderbir Singh and Chief Executive Officer Vivek Bali.  With a tenured staff and combined 15 years of IT industry experience, they provide a wide variety of IT services on-demand to customers throughout the United States at highly competitive prices.

CoreLogix came to the TAC Incubator by way of one of the informative training sessions EDC conducts for its Small Business Development Division.  Excited about the upcoming opportunities available in Prince George’s County, CoreLogix sees the EDC Technology Assistance Center Incubator as an opportunity to hire local employees and for business growth and continued success.

“We are excited to have a company such as CoreLogix Consulting come to our TAC Incubator,” said EDC President Jim Coleman.  “We look forward to providing them with real-time assistance that will enhance their business and take it to the next level.  I am confident that this ‘incubator’ experience will be a mutual benefit to the CoreLogix team as well as the businesses and residents in Prince George’s County.”

For more information on our TAC Incubator program, contact Toni Miles at 301-583-4650 or MAMiles@co.pg.md.us.