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Deal Making Continues for Prince George's County

Las Vegas, NV - Day two of the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC) RECon Convention - Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III, and Prince George's County EDC President Jim Coleman continued to lead the economic development team's efforts to market Prince George's County during nine more strategically scheduled meetings and over 50 booth walk up meetings. Meetings included discussions with principals and representatives from large retailer and development groups looking for projects and investments in mixed use developments with a retail component. The businesses were highly impressed with the County's commitment in bringing key executive level decision makers to the conference to ensure project continuity and immediate support.

"Our most valued asset is having our most valued player, County Executive Baker at the table during these meetings ensuring the swift execution of a streamlined permitting and approval process" says EDC President Jim Coleman. "County Executive Baker gets it and to the retailer community, more than any incentive or special program, time is money".

This year's ICSC RECon Convention is boasting 35,000 attendees; higher than it has been for years, as developers, retailers and others reap the benefits of an improving global economy. The potential to connect with so many retailers to influence them to establish locations in Prince George's County is very powerful. "Today has been another powerful and block buster day at the ICSC Convention," said County Executive Baker. "I am excited about the high level of excitement we are seeing from the retailer and development community looking to invest in Prince George's County. They understand what the power of placement in Prince George's County means to their businesses and we want to help them navigate their way to success in the County".

Over 500 convention attendees have stopped by the County booth to gather more information about expanding their businesses into Prince George's County. "We are very encouraged by the buzz that has been generated this week at the ICSC convention," says President Jim Coleman. "The County's economic development delegation, led by County Executive Baker, had but one mission which the residents of Prince George's County mandated. Bring back more high quality grocery and retail establishments including quality women's apparel and quality restaurants, and that is exactly what we are doing.

Representatives from the Maryland Department of Transportation also sat in on a number of the strategic meetings both yesterday and today, signaling the State's commitment and efforts to show how Maryland is open for business. As one exhibitor stated, retailers are expanding in tandem with the expanding job market. Supermarkets are particularly hot.

Prince George's County is Primed for Business and working hard to make this good County Great!

For more information contact Lori Valentine at 240-478-7336