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Prince George's County Quality of Life Index Report

Four years ago, the Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable pledged to you that our Quality of Life Index® would be a living document, one that would be updated and change as needed to meet the challenge of chronicling the data that gives a fair and accurate representation of where Prince George’s County stands, both in relationship to its own past, and, sometimes, where it stands with relationship to our neighbors in the state.

The over-arching indicators we use are the same, with data regarding the Economy, Education, Public Safety, Health, Transportation and Parks and Recreation still serving as our starting point for the examination.

Our goal remains to tell you where the county stands today, but also to measure it against the past to ascertain whether or not progress is occurring.

What this document has and will always do is to break down rhetoric and stereotypes and replace it with facts and information, so that county residents and our elected officials can see where the county is doing well, and also see the areas where it can improve, with a non-partisan approach dedicated only to making Prince George’s County the best place to live, work and play in the region.

Click Here to view the entire report.