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Information sharing in the National Capital Region

Contact: Frayne Younge

TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc.


(301) 583-4630

Largo, MD - Since September 11, 2001, the Nation has been looking for answers on how to bridge the gap in emergency communications.

The National Capital Region has an intense threat level, and preventing and responding to any disaster is the region’s top priority. Technologies and tools that can predict crimes and respond to crimes in an efficient and effective way are keys to protecting the Nation’s capital.

A small, minority-owned business in Maryland has been providing a state-of-the-art technology that is bringing the entire National Capital Region together on a common operating platform. TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc., has proprietary software, CrimePROBE®, which provides a common operating platform to all law enforcement, homeland security, first responders, other government agencies and the private sector to allow for a real-time understanding of threats. The company is located in the Technology Assistance Center at Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation in Largo, MD.

CrimePROBE® is a national sharing solution that incorporates all stakeholders in homeland defense and provides all partners the ability to access “real-time” reporting, identify emerging patterns, exchange tactical intelligence, disseminate alert notifications and enhance interoperability. This solution creates a “Virtual Fusion Center” that is flexible, powerful and dynamic and configurable for customized use. This COP will provide executives, first responders, analysts and private partners the tools to make “real-time” tactical decisions in an effort to mitigate or respond to a threat facing the region.

A key component in the development of a common operating platform is the ability for trained analysts to collate and interpret disparate pieces of information as they develop analytical products and identify patterns/trends. These CrimePROBE® products have been providing decision makers and first responders actionable intelligence as they prepare and respond to potential threats.

The responder community, including police, fire, and EMS, must successfully share raw information within the National Capital Region. A regional training program must be developed to enhance the skills of these professionals as they work to gather, document, process and report suspicious activity in a manner that rigorously protects the privacy and civil liberties of the American citizens. This is key to achieving a common operating platform within the National Capital Region.

The final component to a common operating platform is the ability to provide 24/7 watch center capability that provides data owners the ability to enter raw information into the platform, monitor trends/patterns, and disseminate the resulting analytical products to all regional stakeholders. The SAMS solution has engineering to draw information from legacy systems, but this cannot be done without dedicated analysts to input, analyze and provide all stakeholders a fused situational awareness information picture.

The lack of a common operating platform within the National Capital Region is the region’s most glaring weakness. The solutions, CrimePROBE®, offer a sound strategy to mitigate this weakness and provide the region with a roadmap to move forward in an effort to protect the citizens against natural or man-made disasters.

In a recent TechBeat article (TechBeat, Dedicated to Reporting Developments in Technology for Law Enforcement, Corrections and Forensics Sciences, Fall 2011, pg. 4), TransGlobal’s Situational Awareness Management System (SAMS) was highlighted and praised by Chief Michael Scott from Mount Rainier Police Department in Maryland.

The article quotes Chief Scott as saying: “The information allows Mt. Rainier officers to anticipate and respond to crime incidents as they happen instead of having to wait to be notified by another jurisdiction. It allows us to see what may be coming our way. We are adjacent to the city [D.C.]. If someone carjacks a car in D.C. within a few blocks of our border, chances are they will head into Mount Rainier, not D.C. It gives us a heads up and increases officer safety. Our guys are able to know what is going on around them from a D.C. perspective. We know what to be on the lookout for.”

TransGlobal has made extensive progress in working towards providing the National Capital Region with a common operating platform. Several agencies within the Washington, D.C., area are utilizing CrimePROBE® solutions to prevent crimes and respond to emergencies. We have been able to provide agencies with CAD-to-CAD information and collaboration in real-time such as police departments, school systems, colleges, resorts/hotels, municipalities, facilities and critical infrastructure. Most of the D.C. agencies are able to have real-time situational awareness through a common operating platform by utilizing CrimePROBE® solutions.